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Membership provides an abundance of benefits to help you excel in your career and stay connected--whether you are a speech-language pathologist, audiologist, speech-language pathology assistant, or a student aspiring to these careers. Members have the opportunity to receive up to 15 continuing education units per membership year. In addition, members have access to a directory of current members and working professionals within the area.

PLEASE NOTE: Your name will appear in the directory alphabetized by the first letter of your last name. Please record the following information as you wish it to appear in the SCCSHA directory.

SCCSHA Continuing Member:

Past SCCSHA President:

Would you be willing serve as a contact person between SCCSHA and our District/Agency?

Would you be willing serve as an Executive Board member for 2023-2024?

Do you provide clinical services in any foreign languages?

Do you allow student observations?

Membership Options: 

Membership year is from September 2022 through June 2023

Scholarship Donation: (Optional)

PAC Donation: (Optional) - NOT Tax Deductible

I have read and accept the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

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