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8:30a – 8:40a

8:40a – 10:00a

10:00a – 10:15a

10:15a – 11:40a

11:40a – 12:00p

12:00p – 12:30p

12:30p– 12:40p

12:40p – 1:30p

1:30p – 1:40p

1:40p – 2:30p

2:30p – 2:35p

2:35p – 3:20p

3:20p – 3:25p

3:25p – 3:30p


Key Issues and Foundational Principles

15 minute screen break

Key Principles of Descriptive Talking – Teaching – Testing

Catch-up Time and Discussion

LUNCH (30 min)

Essential Visual Supports for Doing Lessons

Increasing Complexity of Learning (and Partner Skills)

10 minute screen break

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction and Partner Skills (50 min)

5 minute screen break

Explicit Grammar Instruction

Resources for Teaching Others (Family, Team Members)


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